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An essential tool to read minds!





Want to be more persuasive?

Let Teacher Huang Youyi, founder of the largest in scale and most influential School of Yi Jing, teach you how to apply the system of Yi Jing holistically. We will teach you how to analyse one's needs in three seconds and make them want to listen to you in five seconds.

<Mind Divination>

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English Class

11.02.2017 (Saturday)

 9.00am - 1.00pm


3.00pm - 7.00pm

Who should learn this?


Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Professionals. Authors. Directors. Consultants. Self-employed. Lecturers. Chinese Physicians. Psychologists. Metaphysics enthusiaists. The list goes on

     People who are looking for a breakthrough.


     People interested in human behaviours.

     Directors who want to learn how to communicate better

     with their staff for greater productivity.

     Sales Representatives who want to seal the deal fast!




Why are you hesitating?

Sign up now to seccure a seat as limited seats are availavle!

About Huang Youyi

A Singaporean who founded Unified Yijing Academy, he has been researching on Yi Jing for more than 20 years and has successfully reinvented the 5000 year old wisdom to be systemic and even applicable in daily life.













After 10 years of research, he condensed the Yi Jing theories, simplifying complexity while combining philosophy and techniques to design the Time Space Yi Jing Course. Our final goal is to use this form of chinese philosophy to help people succeed in life.



















Introduction of Unified Yijing


Founded in 2009, we have more than tens of thousands of students, with classes conducted in both English and Chinese. Our students come from all over the world, and are of different races. As of now, we have 3 head offices - in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

​Do you want to be a Mind Reader?

Do you want to be a confident mind reader who dares to challenge one's needs?





Offer is valid only for first 50 new students, and termination of offer is up to organiser's sole discretion.


      Business owners, you understand that success is not only reliant on hard technical skills but also soft skills.

      As the head of the family, you can lead everyone to communicate better and build a harmonious family.

      As the head of the company, you can become your subordinate's confident and convincing role model.

      As a sales representative, you can decode your potential customer's needs after just one sentence.

This seemingly short 4 hours course is actually designed after Master Huang Youyi's 10 years of continuous research to simplify complexity, so that it is applicable to daily life. Not only will help you perform bettter, it can help you in your career advancement and even family happiness.

It consists of 2 portions. First, to read minds in 3 seconds and to understand their needs, before building rapport with them to communicate better.

If you are the next mind-reading and communication expert, the next 4 hours will give you a lifetime of satisfaction in your job, family and even for yourself.

Testimonials from our students

Is it time for me to leave my job?






Original message (Translated text)- Sherlyn Liau

Dear Teacher Youyi,

Thank you for your help in spotting my weakness and showing me how it affected my mood and mental state. Before I met you, I was lethargic, lost and crestfallen.

A problem I could not stop thinking about was: Should I leave my job? Leaving or staying was actually not what I truly wanted, and I needed an opinion to help me make my decision. How do I become a better version of myself? How can I become happier?

Upon your questioning, I found out that it is because I have become so defensive, I could not see my problem. However it is in the midst of role playing that I finally realise I am no different from my superior - we are two sides of the same coin.

If I were to continue avoiding the elements that I am not adept at accomplishing, I wil continue to face similar internal conflicts.

I am now aware of my unfavorable elements, and I understand how I have neglected building good interpersonal relationships in my work, relationships and life generally.

If I can put in all my effort selflessley to overcome my weakness to build a new 'me' while learning to accept failure or imperfection, I belive that I can be better prepared to face any work or personal problems. This is especially the case for honing social skills to have a better relationship with my superior and to be a team player.

My dream of opening a medical clinic















Original message (Translated text)-Michelle Tan

I was having coffee with a Taiwanese student Pan Rui Xin at Taoyuan Airport, and she shared that she has previuosly attended Yi Jing geomancy lessons organised by masters. Renowned in both Taiwan and China, they were popular on television programs. However she never managed to apply what was learnt from them. Perhaps it was because their methods were too complicated,  or that she never saw any results even after spending money on product placements.

She said after her trial lesson at Unified Yijing and then the 4 day Working With Destiny ® , Teacher Huang's concept of human nature strengthened her desire to launch a wellness clinic which focuses on the spiritual aspect of it.

After attending Working With Destiny ® in January, her dream came alive as she applied what she has learnt to build a closer relationship with her daughter, and she sold a piece of land that she has been unable to sell since 10 years ago - above market rate.  Then came the priceless opporutnities to help her raise funds for the clinic, to network and to secure a good clinic.

She hopes that through running the medical clinic, more people will get to know Teacher Huang and his simple yet practical system of Yi Jing. She also shared that she is strongly recommending all her friends to attend Teacher Huang's lessons because she feels that she has even become smarter day by day.

Her final thoughts were that she used to think that Yi Jing was complicated and hard to comprehend, but after Teacher Huang's clear and concise explanation, everything became crystal clear.

What are you waiting for? Limited seats are available! Click on the link below to register now.

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