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Teacher Youyi Huang

Teacher Youyi is a renowned and the very first teacher to teach in both Chinese and English mediums in South-East Asia.


All course syllabuses, including practical training are designed and developed by him. They are delivered through a structured curriculum that uses verifiable scientific approach.


Teacher Youyi has made it a point to not only impart the technical skills sets, but also life skills and wisdom that would help students refine their characters and become a better person in the process of learning.

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What is Working With Destiny® ?

Working With Destiny® is a 4 days  programme designed to provide student a holistic approach to learning and applying the knowledge from the Yi Jing. 

The course's rich content is been supported with a structured content delivery curriculum that would help students build a strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics. 

What will I learn?

This 4 days course covers the topic: Feng Shui, Divination, Face Reading and Humanistic 5 Elements.


Feng Shui, Divination and Face Reading are all belong to hard skills and so called Yang side of the system.

Humanistic Five Elements are belong to soft skill and so called Yin side of the system.

Humanistic Five Elements is also meant to be Eastern Psychology, using 5 elements to better understand ourselves, and in so improve ourselves and gain insight to our human behavioral

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest to learn and apply Chinese Metaphysics to empower their destiny.

Any certificate after completing the course?

 Upon successful completion of this course, we will be sending out an E-Certificate to your email. 

Can I skip for this course and straight go to attend the advance courses?

It is definitely prohibited. You have to attend Working With Destiny® before you can attend any of the following courses:

- Time Space Synchronicity Divination

- Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui

- Bazi Self-Mastery

How do I register for other courses?

You can sign up our advance courses on the spot right after the Working With Destiny®. 

Contact us

Phone: +65 6336 2528/ +65 6221 1095

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